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Founded in 2010 by Cecilia, COKOMO is a Spanish sustainable swimwear and lifestyle brand that offers high quality products designed for strong, caring and feminine women.

We are family. A team of three women based on different countries but with a common dream: create a brand with meaning, taking care of the beautiful nature that inspires us and empower women both inside and outside our company.

We promote human development and work with women artisans from Peru offering them new opportunities and a safe work environment. We believe that even if we start with small actions, we can make a positive difference in our world.

To empower women. We aim to create unique and long-lasting pieces for women that want to feel beautiful and confident without compromising comfort.

About us: Quiénes somos


Handmade Swimwear

We produce timeless designs in very limited quantities, selecting the best fabrics on the market to make each of our pieces unique. All our products are handmade and we pay special attention to details.

The combinations of colours, prints and fabrics are carefully chosen to give every woman a sophisticated and elegant look. Each collection is inspired by exotic destinations and the nature that surrounds us.​

We are innovative and work with sustainable strategies that create the smallest possible environmental footprint. Also, our high-quality pieces are made to last and many are reversible and offer many ways for you to wear them!

About us: Quiénes somos
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